Phi Beta Kappa Young Scholar Award

The following criteria must be met:
1) Recipient(s) must be a high school junior admitted to EIU.
2) Recipient(s) must give the email address for a high school teacher who will submit a letter of support.
3) Recipient(s) must submit an approximately 500 word essay.
4) Recipient(s) are expected to attend the Phi Beta Kappa Spring Banquet.

University - General
Supplemental Questions
  1. What is the name and mailing address of your high school?
  2. What is your prospective college major(s)?
  3. Submit a essay approximately 500 words in length using the prompt, "Describe an experience that piqued your intellectual curriosity." Winning essays will be read at the banquest, please ensure the material is appropriate for public speaking.
  4. Please submit the name and email address of one of your high school teacher for a letter of support.