School of the Arts Student Collaboration Grant

Student Collaboration Grant

In the spirit of collaboration, the School of the Arts at EIU is offering grants to undergraduate and graduate students for cross-disciplinary creative efforts. Students from Art, Music and/or Theatre may apply. The SOA committee will select and support eligible proposals that a) incorporate two or more students from multiple areas (art, music, theatre), and b) offer a creative output that showcases combined efforts from such disciplines. Project proposals may incorporate visual, experiential, aural, and/or performance-related outputs.


· All students must be in good standing with a minimum 2.00 GPA

· All proposals must include a minimum of TWO of the three arts disciplines (art, music, theatre).

· All team members must be enrolled full-time for the current semester.

· A copy of the finished project must be supplied to the SOA upon completion, or publicly displayed, performed, or exhibited.

· All work must be completed, published, and/or submitted by December 21, 2024*
*Any student group that is unable to submit the required paperwork and proof of completion of their project by the deadline, will be ineligible for future SOA Grant opportunities.
*due to timing graduating students are ineligible to submit for student collaboration grants at this time.

Eastern Illinois University - General, School of the Arts Advisory Board
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please list the name and email or enumber for anyone else who collaborated with the project. Please note that only one application is needed for your group, but all members of the group must be listed here to receive credit for this application.
  2. Briefly summarize your intentions for the collaborative creative activity. Include a statement of what artistic or other type of ‘discoveries’ are expected from this project.
  3. How will the various disciplines work together? What skills are needed from each discipline to complete the project?
  4. What steps will you take to implement and complete this project? Include a project timeline with approximate dates during which you will carry out part of the project.
  5. What background and skills qualify you to successfully complete this project?
  6. Please give a budget for the project that includes cost of purchases, supplies, materials, fees, software, etc.
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