Honors Transfer Student Scholarship

The Honors Transfer Student Scholarship is a competitive award for new EIU students who have been enrolled in an honors program at a post-secondary institution before attending Eastern. Eligible students must have earned a cumulative GPA of 3.5 for at least 18 credits worth of courses from their original post-secondary institution, and have been part of that institution’s honors program. They must be intending to participate in either the University Honors Program or a Departmental Honors Program administered by the Pine Honors College at Eastern Illinois University. The award, generally $1500, is paid over the student’s first fall and spring terms at EIU. In order to be paid the second half of the award, the recipient must be participating successfully in an EIU honors program, and have achieved an EIU cumulative GPA of 3.4.

If you are transferring to EIU from another post-secondary institution, and would like to continue your experience as an Honors student here, please apply for this award.

Honors College
Supplemental Questions
  1. What term do you expect to start classes at EIU?
  2. What is your intended major?
  3. What institution did you attend prior to EIU (university or community college)?
  4. Please list the Honors classes you took at your prior institution.
  5. Please provide the name of the Honors program director/coordinator at your prior institution.
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