Cultural Diversity Essay Contest

The following criteria must be met:
1. Applicants must be undergraduate or graduate students in a degree program in English at EIU.
2. Suggested length is 500-1500 words.
3. The essay should address, directly or indirectly, one of the following topics: (a) “Cultural Diversity: Challenge and Opportunity,” (b) “Living Harmoniously Amidst Cultural Diversity,” © “The Painful Consequences of Discrimination,” (d) “Analyses of Issues of Cultural Diversity in Literary Texts.”
4. Suggestions for Developing the Essay: Focus your essay on something you have read (an assignment in a textbook, for example, or a work of literature, or an article in a book, magazine or newspaper. Or, build your essay upon personal experience or the experiences of other people you know.
5. The entrant’s name should not appear on the essay itself.

This award will be announced and awarded in the Spring semester

English, University - General
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please provide your essay as specified in the description criteria.