The Herbert Lasky Outstanding Graduating Senior in Honors Award

The Herbert Lasky Outstanding Graduating Senior in Honors Award will be made to graduating seniors who have taken full advantage of the intellectual opportunities available to them in the Pine Honors College and have exemplified the achievements that can be made by Honors students.

1. Recent Honors graduate (in previous December) OR graduating Honors senior
2. 3.5 cumulative GPA
3. Graduating with both University and Departmental Honors (exception for transfer students, eligible if graduating with Departmental Honors).
4. Online letter from a professor addressing student’s academic excellence and involvement in Honors
5. Academic excellence in quality of academic program and involvement in experiences (such as internships, research, and study abroad)
6. Résumé
7. Essay reflecting on what an EIU Honors education has done for the student during his or her time at EIU (300-500 words)
8. Attendance at the Pine Honors College Awards Ceremony in the Spring, where the recipient will be honored with a medallion

The Herbert Lasky Outstanding Graduating Senior in Honors Award
Honors College, University - General
Supplemental Questions
  1. Did you graduate this past December? Or will you be graduating this coming May?
  2. Did you graduate with both University AND Departmental Honors? OR, if not, are you a transfer Honors student who has or will graduate with Departmental Honors?
  3. Please upload a current resume.
  4. Please provide a reflective essay on what your honors education has done for you during your time at EIU
  5. Please submit the name and email of a professor who will write a letter of recommendation describing your academic achievement and involvement with Honors. Make sure that you contact your professor to explain that he or she will receive an email prompt from AcademicWorks asking for an online submission of your letter of recommendation. Double-check the accuracy of your professor's email address.
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