Office of Study Abroad Grant

For full-time students, to cover Study Abroad expenses for Fall 2020. Requires 2.5 GPA, essay, resume, and 2 letters of recommendation.

Full description:
This award is for FALL 2020 SEMESTER programs ONLY

To apply for this award, you will need the ID number from your EIU study abroad application.

Types of awards:
1. Financial-need based- established by the student’s filed FAFSA
2. Merit-based- typically the top academically performing students

1. Full-time EIU student for at least one semester before studying abroad
2. Must have a cumulative 2.5 GPA at the time of application
3. Complete a study abroad program application
4. Note that guest students from other institutions are not eligible for these grants
5. Recipient must be planning to study abroad Fall semester 2020
6. Student must submit an essay on why they deserve the scholarship discussing their professional career goals and ambitions, as well as provide 2 letters of recommendation

Award amounts:
Between $500 and $2,000 per student.

1. Grant recipients will serve as a Study Abroad Ambassador for the semester after they return from their program abroad. If you fail to do so, the grant or scholarship you received will be billed to your student account. In the event that this occurs, EIU may choose to withhold your diploma until the payment is fulfilled.
2. The service requirement is 4 hours, which can be accomplished by a variety of projects with OSA

To begin applying for this scholarship, you do not need to be finished with your online study abroad program application. Your study abroad application ID number – that is required as part of this scholarship application – is automatically generated as soon as you start your online program application. Do not wait until you are admitted to a study abroad program to submit this scholarship application. Eventually, you do need to be officially admitted to a study abroad program in order to be considered for this award. Review of scholarship applications begins immediately after the application submission deadline. Award notifications are emailed to students one week before the study abroad program’s down payment (commitment deposit) deadline. Study abroad scholarship funds cannot be used to pay for program commitment deposits. Scholarship award money is disbursed to student accounts at the start of the study abroad program and is applied to any outstanding account balance first. Students are encouraged to set up direct deposit through Student Accounts prior to program departure.

Study Abroad
Supplemental Questions
  1. Have you applied for a study abroad program through the Office of Study Abroad?
  2. Enter the 6-digit application ID number from your online study abroad program application. Do not enter your E#.
  3. Please submit an essay on why you deserve the scholarship, discussing your professional career goals and ambitions.
  4. Please upload a current resume with career objectives, professional experiences, and leadership roles.
  5. Two letters of recommendation are required. Please provide the name and email address of who you have asked to provide this information. They will receive an email request to submit their letter on your behalf.
    • Please provide the name and email address of the 1st person who is willing to provide a letter of recommendation.
    • Please provide the name and email address of the 2nd person who is willing to provide a letter of recommendation.