Don and Pam Sundheim Study Abroad Scholarship

For juniors/seniors in French/German/Spanish; preferably w/ teacher certification, financial need. Requires 3.0 GPA, essay, recommendation.

Full description:
The following criteria must be met:

  1. Past recipients are not eligible to apply for or receive the Sundheim Study Abroad Scholarship a second time.
  2. Candidates must be US citizens, enrolled in good standing as full-time students at EIU and must be majoring in World Languages and Culture.
  3. Preference will be given to teacher certification students, students with financial need, students with more than one upper-division course in the language of concentration, and students who have earned fewer than 12 credit hours.
  4. Candidates must have attained junior or senior status by the time the scholarship is paid out and have at least one semester remaining at EIU.
  5. One upper-division course in the target language should have been successfully completed with at least a C or better.
  6. Candidates should have at least a 3.0 GPA overall and in their language major.

Keywords: French, German, Spanish, Foreign Languages, World Languages

Don & Pam Sundheim Study Abroad Scholarship
Foreign Languages, University - General
Supplemental Questions
  1. Have you earned 12 semester hours or more in your target language via study abroad?
  2. Have you received the Sundheim Study Abroad Scholarship prior to this application?
  3. Are you a US citizen?
  4. Have you completed at least one upper-division course and earned a "C" or greater in the target language?
  5. Do you have at least a 3.0 GPA in your language of concentration?
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