Allan D. Heath Fifth Year Student Athlete Scholarship

The recipient must meet the following criteria:
1. Currently receiving athletically related aid;
2. Has competed at Eastern Illinois University for the past two years;
3. No eligibility remaining, and not competing in a second sport and is within four/five years of his/her initial date of enrollment as a full-time
4. The student-athlete is in good academic standing;
5. The student-athlete has not received a Fifth-Year Athletic Grant;
6. The student-athlete was not medically disqualified during or before his/her junior year;
7. Preference shall be given to student-athletes in Women’s Basketball, Women’s Volleyball, and Men’s Football.

Award announced in spring and awarded in fall.

Athletics, University - General, Financial Aid
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you a student athlete participating in Women's Basketball, Women's Volleyball, or Men's Football?
  2. Were you medically disqualified to compete in a sport prior to your junior year?
  3. Have you received a Fifth-Year Athletic Grant at Eastern Illinois University?
  4. Are you within four/five years of the initial date of enrollment as a full-time student?
  5. Are you competing in a second sport at Eastern Illinois University?
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