Honors Study Abroad Scholarship

For currently enrolled undergraduate Honors students only:
The Pine Honors College offers the Honors Study Abroad Scholarship, awarded competitively in three separate rounds per year. Amounts awarded depend upon the availability of funding, and upon the proposed costs and number of applicants in each round.

Please be sure to apply for the correct award based on when you will study abroad – each application will be open at different times:

Applicants will need a faculty member to fill out a brief recommendation form online along with this application.

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Supplemental Questions
  1. Study Abroad Destination
    • What is the probable duration of your study abroad experience?
    • Where do you plan to study abroad?
  2. In a few paragraphs, describe the significance of the study abroad experience to your overall studies. Why do you need to go?
  3. Please provide us with an estimated budget for the costs involved in your Study Abroad (including tuition, direct program costs, travel, and other costs). Please itemize these estimated costs as well as providing a total.
  4. If you have any documents describing the costs of this program please feel free to upload a copy of that information here.
  5. Briefly explain your financial need and a list of other sources of funding for study abroad for which you have applied (or will apply).
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