Honors Study Abroad Scholarship - Talented Student Award

For Honors students, to cover Study Abroad costs. Requires 2 short essays, letter of recommendation, itemized budget. Awarded 3 times a year.

Full description:
The Pine Honors College offers the Honors Study Abroad Scholarship, awarded competitively in three separate rounds per year. Amounts awarded depend upon the availability of funding, and upon the proposed costs and number of applicants in each round.

ELIGIBILITY: Please note that only currently enrolled undergraduate Honors College students in good standing will be considered for this award.

NOTE: If you win an Honors Study Abroad Scholarship, and your plans change (choice of program or cancellation of program, for instance), you MUST notify the Honors College of the change as soon as possible. This is to ensure that another student may be awarded a scholarship in the case that you cannot apply your scholarship to a study abroad program.

Note that there are three separate rounds of this scholarship. Our deadlines coincide with the deadlines set by the Office of Study Abroad.

However, you may apply in an earlier round. That is, you do not need to wait until February to submit an application for a Summer study abroad application. You may apply in the first round of applications.

Winter Break, Spring Semester, and Spring Break: Scholarship applications will be open from mid-September to late October. Results will be posted in early November.
Summer Semester: Scholarship applications will be open mid-November to early February. Results will be posted mid-February.
Fall Semester: Scholarship applications will be open mid-February to early March. Results will be posted mid to late March.

Instructions: The Honors Study Abroad Scholarship competition is open only to current Honors College undergraduates who are in good standing. For a complete application, you must answer all questions below and have a faculty member submit a recommendation online. Once you have submitted your application, including your letter writer’s email address, you will receive a brief email acknowledging receipt. Contact the Office of Study Abroad to confirm application AND deposit deadlines.

Eastern Illinois University - General, Honors College
Supplemental Questions
  1. Study Abroad Destination
    • Give exact dates of your study abroad program.
    • Is this an approved EIU study abroad partner, exchange, or overseas teaching program? Only approved EIU programs may receive the Honors Study Abroad Scholarship.
    • Please enter the duration of your study abroad program in weeks.
    • Where do you plan to study abroad?
  2. In a few paragraphs, describe the significance of the study abroad experience to your overall studies. Why do you need to go?
  3. Provide us with the advertised budget estimate for the costs involved in your Study Abroad (including tuition, direct program costs, travel, and other costs). Itemize these estimated costs and provide a total cost.
  4. If you have any documents describing the costs of this program—including the budget sheet filled out with Study Abroad—please upload a copy of that information here.
  5. Briefly explain your financial need and a list of other sources of funding for study abroad for which you have applied (or will apply).
  6. Previous Study Abroad Experience
    • Have you engaged in study abroad before?
    • If the response to the question above is yes, please note where you have done study abroad in the past, and for how long.
  7. Please provide the name and email address of the faculty member who will provide a recommendation on your behalf for the Honors Study Abroad award.
  8. Press Release
    • Do you permit the university to use your name in a press release about any award received. Note that you do not have to grant permission, and that you can withhold it without it having any effect on your chances of securing an award.
    • If yes, name of hometown and hometown newspaper for press release.
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