Booth Library Award for Excellence in Student Research and Creativity

Award Description:

This program is designed to promote and celebrate excellence in student research and creative works. The competition is open to all undergraduate and graduate students in any major. Entries may be a research paper or thesis, artistic work, exhibit, musical work, video, podcast, documentary, oral history, performance, data analysis or visualization, or other formats. As long as the student(s) used the library and its resources to complete the project, then it is eligible for the competition. Work submitted for competition must have been completed within the last 12 months.

Award recipients will be selected on the basis of overall excellence (37.5%), creativity/research (37.5%) and the use of library resources (25%). For more information, see

This award will be announced and paid in the spring semester.

For questions or concerns, please contact:

Anna Nelson, Booth Library Marketing Associate

Phone: (217) 581-6064


If your work is not in written or digital form, for example a 3-D object or a board game, please contact Ms. Nelson to arrange for delivery.

Booth Library, Eastern Illinois University - General
Supplemental Questions
  1. If more than one person participated in this research project, please list other entrants (name, email address and E#) here. Please indicate why a group was necessary for this project, and specify each person’s contribution to the whole.
  2. What is the Title of your entry?
  3. A list of references is required for all entries that rely on the work of others. If applicable, what citation style was used?
  4. Please enter the name and email of your professor or faculty advisor, if applicable.
  5. Category of entry:
  6. If "Other", please describe:
  7. One purpose of this award is to highlight the services provided by the library. Please describe what role Booth Library, the staff and its technology, spaces and collections played in the success of your research.
  8. How does this research project relate to your education or research interests? Why did you choose to research this particular topic?
  9. For those submitting creative projects, please include an additional description of your creative process and/or provide an artist's statement; describe the concepts and methodology used to develop the project with relevant citations listed, as applicable.
  10. Upload your research project here as a Word, text or .pdf file. The attachment should include the research project/paper itself and the list of references (primary and secondary sources). Written entries are limited to 25 pages.
  11. Please acknowledge: All submissions will be used solely for assessments in making this award. However, digital copy or representation of award-winning entries will become part of the library’s institutional repository, The Keep. In some instances of ongoing research, upon request an “embargo” period is possible during which the work will not be publicly accessible for a defined period of time.
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