Talented Student Award - Study Abroad

Our office has an exchange agreement with several different institutions overseas. As a result of this relationship, we are able to offer discounted tuition to qualified students who plan to study abroad for a semester at one of these schools listed below.

Recipient must submit an essay on why they deserve the scholarship discussing their professional and career goals and ambitions, upload a current resume, and provide 2 letters of recommendation

This award covers up to 12 credit hours of EIU tuition. Applicants must have at least a 2.5 GPA (cum). This award is reserved for students that exhibit financial need (as reported on their FAFSA), and have distinguished themselves as high-achieving students.

Current Exchange programs include:
Ajou University, South Korea
Central Queensland University, Australia
Eastern Mediterranean University, Northern Cyprus
Kansai Gaidai University, Japan
University of South Wales, Wales
Linnaeus University, Sweden
Universität Lüneburg, Germany
Sogang University, South Korea
Universität Würzburg, Germany

Please take note that there may be more than one opportunity available to apply for. Please use the timeline below to determine if this is the correct opportunity for your program.
Spring programs will open in August-September and have an October-November deadline.
Summer programs will open in October-November and have a January-February deadline.
Fall programs will open in October-November and have a March-April deadline.

To begin applying for this scholarship, you do not need to be finished with your online study abroad program application. Your study abroad application ID number – that is required as part of this scholarship application – is automatically generated as soon as you start your online program application. Do not wait until you are admitted to a study abroad program to submit this scholarship application. Eventually, you do need to be officially admitted to a study abroad program in order to be considered for this award. Review of scholarship applications begins immediately after the application submission deadline. Award notifications are emailed to students one week before the study abroad program’s down payment (commitment deposit) deadline. Study abroad scholarship funds cannot be used to pay for program commitment deposits. Scholarship award money is disbursed to student accounts at the start of the study abroad program and is applied to any outstanding account balance first. Students are encouraged to set up direct deposit through Student Accounts prior to program departure.

According to EIU’s Internal Governing Policy #73, this award is a “Tuition waiver to provide financial assistance to students with academic talent or special status; fees are not waived.” Therefore, students who already have a full tuition waiver or have no room in their financial aid package for tuition assistance are not eligible to receive this award.

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Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you planning on a semester abroad with one of the pre-approved study abroad exchange partners?
  2. Please upload a current resume with career objectives, professional experiences, and leadership roles.
  3. Two letters of recommendation are required. Please provide the name and email address of who you have asked to provide this information. They will receive an email request to submit their letter on your behalf.
    • Please provide the name and email address of the 1st person who is willing to provide a letter of recommendation.
    • Please provide the name and email address of the 2nd person who is willing to provide a letter of recommendation.
  4. Please submit an essay on why you seek the scholarship, discussing your professional career goals and ambitions related to study abroad, and addressing any financial barriers/obstacles you may face.