Allan D. Heath Fifth Year Student Athlete Scholarship

For athletes, juniors and above, with athletic aid but no eligibility left. Women’s basketball, volleyball, men’s football preferred.

Full Description
The recipient must meet the following criteria:

  1. Currently receiving athletically related aid;
  2. Has competed at Eastern Illinois University for the past two years;
  3. No eligibility remaining, and not competing in a second sport and is within four/five years of his/her initial date of enrollment as a full-time student;
  4. The student-athlete is in good academic standing;
  5. The student-athlete has not received a Fifth-Year Athletic Grant;
  6. The student-athlete was not medically disqualified during or before his/her junior year;
  7. Preference shall be given to student-athletes in Women’s Basketball, Women’s Volleyball, and Men’s Football.

Recipients will be awarded in fall, spring or summer.

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