Alice Groff Pennybacker Secondary Education Scholarship

For students in Secondary Education planning to teach. Requires 2.5 GPA. Preference given to graduates of high schools in Lawrence County.

Full Description
The selection committee shall apply the following criteria:

  1. The recipient(s) must be a full-time student, seeking certification in Secondary Education, accepted to Eastern Illinois University.
  2. The recipient(s) must have an overall GPA of 2.5 or better.
  3. Preference shall be given to students who graduated from high schools in Lawrence County.
  4. The recipient(s) must be planning to become a teacher.
  5. If all else is equal, recipient selection will be determined by financial need.

Award announced in the Spring and awarded in the Fall.

Keywords: Lawrenceville, Red Hill, teacher education, secondary education, Lawrence County

Eastern Illinois University - General, Teaching, Learning, and Foundations
Supplemental Questions
  1. Is your future plan to become a secondary education teacher?