TRiO Scholarship

For students in the TRiO program with a 2.0 EIU GPA and financial need. Covers tuition costs. Requires short essay, 2 references.

Full description:
The TRiO Student Support Services program at Eastern Illinois University invites you to apply for a TRiO scholarship to be applied toward each recipient’s Tuition or Housing (please choose one) FALL and/or SPRING. NOTE: If you are already receiving a full tuition waiver from another source, you need not apply for Tuition assistance. If you will not be living in on-campus housing, do not apply for Housing assistance.

To be eligible you must meet the following criteria:

· Be in good academic standing with an EIU cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above
· Be a current active participant in the TRiO/Student Support Services program
· Have an unmet financial need
· Complete the Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
· Have a clear file in the Financial Aid office (contact financial aid office)

Eastern Illinois University - General, Office of Inclusion and Academic Engagement - TRiO
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you a current member of TRIO at Eastern Illinois University?
  2. Please enter the email and name of your EIU TRiO advisor who will indicate your involved hours and participation with TRiO at EIU.
  3. Please enter the email and name of the professor you have asked to serve as a reference on your behalf.
  4. Please enter the email and name of another person who you have asked to serve as a reference on your behalf.
  5. Please submit your essay that tells us something about you, your career goals, and your financial need. In other words, how will this scholarship aid you in achieving your goals?
  6. Are you serving as a Resident Assistant?
  7. Are you receiving a full tuition scholarship from another source?
  8. Would you like to apply for the tuition scholarship or the housing scholarship?
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