Business Advisory Board Student Recruitment Scholarship

For incoming freshmen and transfer students majoring in a program offered by the School of Business. Has a mentorship component.

Full description:
Criteria for selection are as follows:
1. Must be an incoming freshman or transfer student majoring in a program offered by the School of Business and accepted to Eastern Illinois University.

This award will be announced in the Spring and disbursed in the following Fall semester.

Receipt of this scholarship carries with it eligibility to enter the Business Advisory Board (BAB) Mentorship Support Program. The BAB is made up of highly successful alumni across all business disciplines, who are eager to assist with the development of students as they transition into the business world. Recipients will have the opportunity to meet with BAB members at the Fall, 2020 Business Advisory Board meeting, where these influential alumni will explain how the mentoring program works throughout and beyond their college career.

Keywords: business, finance, management, management information systems, marketing, leadership, mentor, technology, computer, MIS, consumer science, accounting

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