C. Roger Sorensen Business Scholarship

For students from Mattoon HS majoring in business, technology, or hospitality. Second preference given to students from Coles County.

Full description:
The following criteria must be met:
1. Preference shall be given to students from Mattoon High School who have been admitted to the Lumpkin College of Business and Applied Sciences. If no suitable recipients are available from Mattoon High School, secondary preference shall be given to students from other high schools in Coles County.

Award announced in the spring and awarded in the fall.

Keywords: Ashmore, Charleston, Humboldt, Lerna, Mattoon, Oakland, Accountancy, Accounting, Apparel, Applied Engineering and Technology, Applied Management, Business Administration, Business Education, Business Undecided, Career and Technical Education, Computer and Information Technology, Consumer Sciences, Dietetics, Dual Tech Sustainable Energy, Family Services, Family and Consumer Sciences Education, Finance, Geographic Information Systems, Hospitality, Management Information Systems, Management, Marketing, Merchandising, Pre-Business Accounting, Pre-Business Administration, Pre-Business Finance, Pre-Business Management, Pre-Business Management Information Systems, Pre-Business Marketing, Pre-Business, Technology, Technology Education

C. Roger Sorensen Business Scholarship
School of Business, University - General