Messer Family Scholarship In Technology

The following criteria must be met:
1. The recipient(s) must be a full-time student at Eastern Illinois University with a declared major in Industrial Technology, Technology Education or an equivalent degree program.
2. The recipient(s) must have completed a minimum of 15 hours of course work at EIU including at least two courses in the major.
3. The recipient(s) must have a major GPA of 2.75 or higher.
4. The recipient(s) must be in good academic standing with the university and demonstrate potential to excel in his/her chosen career.
5. Preference shall be given to first-generation college students.
6. The recipient(s) may be eligible to apply for and receive the award again provided he/she continues to meet the criteria stated above.

This award shall be announced in the Spring and disbursed in the Fall semester.

Messer Family Scholarship In Technology
School of Technology, University - General
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you a first-generation college student?
  2. Have you taken two or more courses in your major?