Kate and Cliff Strandberg Study Abroad in Europe Scholarship

To apply for this award, you will need the ID number from your EIU study abroad application.
Please take note that there may be more than one opportunity available to apply for. Please use the timeline below to determine if this is the correct opportunity for your program.
Spring programs will open in August-September and have an October-November deadline.
Summer programs will open in October-November and have a January-February deadline.
Fall programs will open in October-November and have a March-April deadline.

The following criteria must be met:
1. The recipient(s) must be a full-time undergraduate or graduate domestic student, accepted to EIU and in good academic standing, with preference given to School of Technology majors.
2. The recipient(s) must be planning to study abroad in any European country with attendant approval tendered to the Study Abroad Office prior to the awarding of the scholarship; all study credits must be applicable to the student’s degree program.
3. The recipient(s) must have an overall 2.75 GPA, approval of the departmental academic advisor, and meet other criteria established by the Study Abroad Office.
4. The recipient(s) may, upon returning to the United States of America, be asked to speak to the International Forum program regarding the Study Abroad Program.
5. The recipient(s) may be eligible to apply for, and receive, the award again provided they continue to meet criteria.
6. The recipient must be planning to study abroad.
7. Recipient must submit an essay on why they deserve the scholarship discussing their professional career goals and ambitions, upload a current resume, and provide 2 letters of recommendation (letters of recommendation must be received by the application deadline)

Study Abroad, University - General
Supplemental Questions
  1. Enter the 6-digit application ID number from your online study abroad program application. Do not enter your E#.
  2. Please enter the full name of the study abroad program that you have applied for.
  3. Do you have plans to enroll in a European university?
  4. Please upload a current resume with career objectives, professional experiences, and leadership roles.
  5. Please submit an essay on why you deserve the scholarship, discussing your professional career goals and ambitions.
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