Nilsen Research Presentation Award

Nilsen Research Presentation Award

To support and enhance the research of graduate students in collaboration with the Department of Communication Disorders and Sciences Faculty. The monies for this fund shall be used specifically as stipends paid to student recipients who plan to present their research at ISHA, ASHA, or other professional conferences.


I knew the minute I stepped on campus that I would spend the next four years of my life at EIU. Everyone always told me that I wouldn’t have to worry about picking a school because the right school would choose me and that’s what happened with me and EIU. Being a Panther has provided me with so many opportunities I wouldn’t have gotten elsewhere.

Thank you to the donors of the Nilsen Research Presentation Award for giving me the opportunity to travel and present my research on a topic I’m incredibly passionate about. This is something I once dreamed about and now it has become a reality for me. Thank you.

Kayla Young
Communication Disorders & Sciences Major