Edith Breving Annual Scholarship

Established in memory oh his mother, Edith Breving who never had the opportunity to attend college. The scholarship is also being established in honor of his son, Jakob Breving who received an excellent education at Eastern Illinois University.


I am thrilled to receive this scholarship, it will allow me to pay for summer school classes and continue on the path towards my Bachelor’s degree. I am truly honored and grateful for your charity. Neither of my parents had the opportunity to attend college, both are incredibly bright and capable individuals, but their circumstances simply didn’t allow much room for a college education. I am quite proud of who they are and what they’ve accomplished, and it has always been a wish of theirs that their children receive a college education. I am the third of four children, and each of my brothers and sister have been able to complete their educations, with help from scholarships like yours, I will be able to complete my degree and honor the wishes of my parents as well. Someday, I would like to have the opportunity to do exactly what you all have done and pay it forward, for someone else to have the opportunity at earning their college education. Thank you again!
Jacob Venatta
Studio Art Major