Dalias Price Memorial Weather Fund

Dalias Price Memorial Weather Fund

To memorialize Dr. Dalias Price, former faculty member in Geology/Geography, by supporting the EIU Weather Center’s Weather Observation Station that has become Dr. Price’s legacy on campus.


Receiving this scholarship means a lot to me because it allowed me to travel to my first NWA Conference in Huntsville, AL. The annual conference, sponsored by the National Weather Association, brings forecasters and meteorologists from all over the country together to share experiences and learn new information from numerous presentations. Being an aspiring broadcast meteorologist, this conference also allowed me to network with other broadcast professionals, including some that are alumni of Eastern Illinois University and WEIU TV, and they gave professional critiques which helped my performance here at WEIU and will continue to do so in the future.

Thank you for allowing me to travel to a national conference that is largely attended by broadcast professionals from across the country. Doing so, allowed me to learn some valuable techniques and presentation tips that will immensely help me while I continue working at WEIU TV in Charleston. Not to mention, it was also a fun experience!

Everett Lau
Geography Major