Carolyn Kluesner Modglin Memorial Scholarship

Carolyn Kluesner Modglin Memorial Scholarship

To assist a graduate student studying Dietetics.


The Carolyn Kluesner Modglin Memorial scholarship will help me to succeed in the last year of my graduate program. Relocating to the Midwest without family, friends, or my usual support system has been a challenging task. This experience has brought about some anxiety regarding money, and the assistance from a scholarship such as this one will help to supply me with the necessary tools for success as well as food, gas, laundry, and other day-to-day expenses that quickly build up. Graduate school delivers a set of obstacles that are important in developing strong professionals. However, external stress from financial emergencies can quickly derail a student from their goals. Thus, I would like to extend my deepest thanks that the Carolyn Kluesner Modglin foundation and family. This is an outstanding opportunity and I sincerely appreciate the consideration for such a generous award. With the assistance of scholarships such as the Carolyn Kluesner Modglin Memorial award, I can look toward the next steps of my graduate career with confidence.

Patrick Hodgson
Dietetics & Nutrition Major