Betty Lou Balasi Scholarship

Betty Lou Balasi Scholarship

Established by Victor Balasi in memory of his mother, Betty Lou Balasi.


I chose Eastern because it was the right fit for me campus wise and they had a very good communications program. I like the feeling of being able to get to everything on campus by foot and not having to take a bus or drive everywhere. the campus is knitted together perfectly and I adore being here. I also chose Eastern because of WEIU. The TV station gives me the chance to explore what I want to pursue after college.

This scholarship means the most to me. I have had an extremely troubling semester trying to pay for everything because my father was hurt over the summer and lost his job. He wasn’t able to help out as much this semester and this will help me catch up on my school fees and personal fees that I have.

I would like to say thank you for your generosity and thinking of others even after leaving Eastern. It means a lot to me to receive something like this and I’m truly grateful for the gift and thank you for picking me!

Lydia Shaw
Communications Major